Staying At Home

Let us help with a ‘stay at home’ strategy

You have received your letter from the government advising that you are now able to access a home care package, or maybe you have only just had an assessment and are now on the waiting list but you need a strategy to hold everything together while you wait for a package.  Perhaps you already have a package but are not entirely happy with it. Possibly, you only need a low level of service and are worried it is not worth the trouble to access this through a package.  Family Aged Care Advocates can help.

Whilst we often talk about “home care”, the services that make up this are many and varied; there is Home Care Packages (HCP), Commonwealth Home Support Packages (CHSP), Department of Veterans Affairs – domestic and nursing (DVA), private services, as well as a myriad of community and health crossover services.  All these services are funded differently and have different eligibility criteria and different levels of service. It is relevant to consider that it is likely, depending on your financial situation, that you will need to contribute to the cost of these services.

Possibly of all the aspects of aged care services, this is the broadest and most perplexing and yet it can be the most empowering place to keep your dignity and age well on your terms in your own home.  But, in order to get the most out of it, you need to really understand what it is that is important to you and how you want to prioritise this.

Common questions include;

How much do I have to contribute to the cost?
What does CDC mean?
What can I spend funds on?
What if I don’t like my provider – are there penalties for switching?
What if I like my provider – but not the staff?

What about if I want to have more control of my HCP and keep more funds in my package?  What can I do?

Family Aged Care Advocates can help you find the best solution to your needs in this situation.  Most providers will provide some level of self-management, however it is often the control of people coming into your home that is what really drives this desire to have greater control.  We understand.  It’s this aspect that is often difficult for traditional providers to consistently meet.

There are options, but they require you to take on a significant degree of responsibility in managing people:

How do you go about finding and selecting the best person for your needs?
Do you feel comfortable having difficult conversations with people if they are not doing something the way you want?
Are you sure you could assess if someone was competent in performing a task or using a piece of equipment?
What are your rights, and theirs, if they got hurt at your home?

These are just some of the considerations if you want to explore this path, but don’t let that put you off.  Family Aged Care Advocates can help.  Depending on what you want, we can offer:

A one-off setup service which builds on our standard support for home care service, but adds the further services of: helping you select your team, ensuring they are competent for what you need from them and providing you with assistance in understanding your rights and theirs (your employee). We also check in with you at 1 month and 3 months to ensure it is still smooth sailing and review your Dignity Plan.

An ongoing membership to our People Management service, where you can let Family Aged Care Advocates manage the ongoing responsibility of employees and many other aspects of your package. This service is also really valuable to those who have private services and need to keep on top of a range of services and make sure that they are aligned with your identified needs from your Dignity Plan.

How can Family Aged Care Advocates help you?

  • We will visit you at your home and seek to understand your situation.
  • We meet with you and your key people to develop a comprehensive Dignity Plan that will ensure the care needs, desires and priorities are identified.
  • Based on what you have identified as important to you, we will help you select a provider by providing you with a report limited to 3 providers we believe will best suit you (we are a completely independent organisation and have NO ties to service providers; we undertake research into providers to ensure that those we put forward are a good match for you).
  • We can help you with the completion of Centrelink forms and ongoing communication with Centrelink.
  • We can help you with the sign-up and on- boarding process.
  • We will provide a support review at 1 month and 3 months, after you decide on your Stay at Home strategy or sign up with a provider, to ensure that everything is going the way you want. We review your Dignity Plan and make sure the home care services are being delivered as agreed.

This service often links in with:
Residential Care Placement
Family Conference
Provider Management Membership
People Management Membership

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