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We will be with you throughout the process

My Aged Care Coordination

When it comes time to accessing government funded aged care services all roads converge on My Aged Care which is the starting point for aged care in Australia. That call to My Aged Care is a critical one for determining what support you might be able to get and when.  On the basis of the information provided in that call you will potentially be receiving one of two types of assessment. Essentially one is for higher needs (Aged Care Assessment Team) and one for lower needs (Regional Assessment Service). If you would like to check it out head to https://www.myagedcare.gov.au/

Government funded services are services that are either partially or completely subsidised by the government. They include but not limited to; home care packages and residential aged care. How much you pay is determined by your specific situation. It is relevant to note that you can access private services without using My Aged Care.

The government has tried to make this process as self-directed as possible. How much support you need at this time will depend to some degree on how comfortable you are in the interface of technology and importantly, what you say or don’t say when the assessment occurs.

And, once all that is done, what happens next? This will depend on what you have been assessed as eligible to receive. Generally if you require residential aged care services there will be a bed available somewhere in your area or there won’t be too long to wait. Of course if you particularly want a specific facility this may be a more variable time frame. If you have been deemed eligible for a Home Care Package, then this is where the wait time can extend significantly, especially if you have been assessed as needing a higher level package such as a level 3 or 4. If this happens to you it is helpful to have a strategy on how you will manage the gap.

How can Family Aged Care Advocates help you?

  • We will visit your home, twice.
  • We will sit with you when you make the call to My Aged Care and support you in being heard and getting the right assessment for your needs.
  • We will be with you for the home assessment and ensure that your needs are accurately represented.
  • We will capture the detail of the assessment, so you can reflect on it afterwards.
  • We will provide an action plan, based on the assessment, with clear steps as to what to do next. In addition, we can help you formulate your strategy for managing the period prior to receiving your home care package.

This service often connects with the:
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Residential Aged Care Placement
Inform and Educate Membership
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