Family Conference

A proactive planning process before you really need to access aged care services

This is the conversation that you know you need to have. However, you have a feeling that it is not going to end well, with uncertainty and emotions running high and sometimes great stakes on the line.  The whole family is affected by the changes that will happen because of the need for talking about aged care.

At Family Aged Care Advocates we understand that great outcomes come from constructive conversations where all the key stakeholders have a voice and a ‘to do’ list can be developed that is tailored to your family situation and ensure a dignified plan of ageing well is created. 

We also know that this is commonly not done, often due to fear and worry.  Everyone in the family unit have some vested interest in the outcome and the social and political hierarchy of the family means outcomes are not necessarily going to be an agreed or shared plan, which often contributes to more problems down the track. This is when the Family Conference can help, get those thoughts out in the open and help you plan your future better .

How can Family Aged Care Advocates help you?

  • We provide an independently facilitated meeting and coordination service.
  • We will organise a meeting with the identified stakeholders at a mutually agreed venue.
  • We can facilitate a virtual attendance for those who are unable to attend in person (pending the internet service in the area).
  • We seek to understand the key concerns prior to the meeting.
  • We will send out the invites and agenda prior to the meeting.
  • We attend and chair the meeting, ensuring the key issues are covered and that all the voices are heard.
  • We can direct focus to areas that are particularly relevant to your situation, be it health, legal, financial, housing or social issues.
  • Following the meeting we will draw up the minutes and create an action plan of the key issues identified and distribute to all attendees.
  • We will follow up to ensure that everyone understands the identified actions and then assist you in implementing the next steps.

This service is often complemented by the:
Falls Risk Assessment
My Aged Care Coordination
Inform and Educate Membership

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