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Live away from your parents?

A lot of people do! We can assist in their Aged Care Journey in Australia and make sure you are involved every step of the way.

You are busy, with little extra time available to spend researching and understanding the complexities of Australian Aged Care system. You may be unsure exactly what is needed because Mum and Dad are playing down what is actually happening for them. Or you may have been told exactly what the next step is because there has been a crisis and they now cannot return to how they were. To cap it off in a Covid world, you cannot even just jump on the next flight home to sort it all out.

Family Aged Care Advocates can help you. We provide you a complimentary initial consultation to understand your situation after which we tailor a service specific to your need and your loved one. Depending on the situation commonly delivered services include:

A Dignity Plan

A family meeting where we seek to understand where you are at framed around current: strengths, challenges, aspirations and fears. Including reviewing existing services, and health and wellbeing review.

Private services

We can help you select and set up services for your loved one.

Home visit

We can visit the home, complete a falls assessment and general welfare review.

My Aged Care

We can assist mum or dad to make the initial or subsequent calls to My Aged Care to start the process of accessing funded aged care.

Provider selection support

We provide you a short list of providers (home care or residential aged care) we think align with your needs and expectations. We can even help with the admission process.

Affordability options

We provide a detailed report on the cost of care for your loved ones specific financial situation. We ensure you don’t run out of money over time by showing you the impact of different options.

Centrelink support

We take the stress and frustration away by taking over the Centrelink responsibilities for you/your loved one. Getting something wrong in the Centrelink assessment can cost you thousands and not necessarily be easy to find the error, we take the stress away.

Your specific service might include a combination of the above or something quite different depending on your need.

Family Aged Care Advocates has flexible operating hours so that we can connect with our clients across the world using; zoom, email and phone to keep connected. We are independent, so only recommend options or providers that we believe will be a good fit for your family.

We know that this process can be confronting and confusing when you are on hand to do it all, so we appreciate the immense challenge that comes from being abroad trying to coordinate it all.

This is where Family Aged Care Advocates can help you. We are aged care experts, we save you time and money whilst ensuring you get the right care at the right time from the right people for you.

A recent Ex-Pat testimonial

Leigh is based in Hong Kong and has parents in Brisbane who needed help on their Aged Care Journey.

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