At Family Aged Care Advocates, our reason for being is helping people age with dignity.

We are committed to assisting people achieve the aged care outcomes that are right for them without losing their dignity or their way in what can be a very confusing and convoluted process.

Family Aged Care Advocates believe that better outcomes are achieved when you get talking early and proactively plan for an aged care journey on your terms.  However, we also understand that in reality many care decisions are made in hospital hallways and carparks after some catastrophe.  We know that this means that there are often compressed timelines and elevated emotions and stress resulting in uncertainty and overwhelm. This is where Family Aged Care Advocates can really help, we are independent and only interested in the right outcome for you; and we know aged care comprehensively.

People don’t know what they don’t know.  We help you get it right first time, saving time, energy and money and keeping the stress contained.

Our services are designed to be either a comprehensive module with a supportive post service check-in, or a bundle of services that build as your situation evolves.  There is also the cost effective membership services, whereby you will receive regular monthly support from us to ensure that your needs are being met, this gives you peace of mind that you can contact us at any time and we will step in and stand up for you.  Alternatively, we can tailor a package specifically for your needs.

Family Aged Care Advocates are based in Byron Bay, NSW and work across Australia.




Let us help!

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